Its Our Culture is an online creative arts community platform that supports emerging and established creatives from around the globe. Our goal is to promote and inform members from various different niches by offering informative content, collaborating with people we admire and featuring our community to clients and the public.

Join one of the fastest growing creative communities and find the help needed to get recognised, no matter what type of creative industry you work in.

Although it may sound like the new marvel film, in this post you can find out how Its Our Culture started, why we're doing it and what's in store for the future.

Its Our Culture was created in April 2020 during lockdown as a side project to create a small and intimate community of creatives interested in all types of art. From photography, dance and music to stylists, MUAs and designers.

The whole platform started as an Instagram page, with intention to keep it that way, before growing exponentially throughout the first couple of weeks.

From here we decided to evolve into an online platform outside of Instagram where we would host podcasts, feature creatives who we admire and just be a general good source of quality content from emerging and established creatives globally.

We work day in – day out to evolve this platform further because we truly believe the community we have created in such a short amount of time is special and there is so much room for opportunity. This is how our membership platform came about – offering a community to grow, resources to help self progression and promotion to get undiscovered talent seen. We hope we can continue our close relationship with our members by building off feedback, creating new features that will benefit our members and generally collaborate whenever possible!

Its Our Culture was created for creatives, by creatives. With the two founders being based in London, we have a lot of people around us that are highly talented and willing to help us help them by growing and evolving together. It was a no-brainer for us to create something like this because although there are definitely established communities, we felt the need for a new, fresh face on the scene that’s main goal was to collaborate and make great content that will offer something in return. 

A small idea grew into a large community with no signs of stopping, with over half a million people being reached each week on Instagram alone (accurate at the time of posting) we’re excited and have big plan for the future.

Due to both founders being multi-disciplinary, we didn’t want to restrict ourselves to one industry and truly believe that being inspired by all art forms and specialities is the best way to understand and grow as a creative.

The future is looking bright and we are currently in the middle of building our very own IOC studio in London. We plan on creating video and stills content and offer it as a space for others to use and collaborate with our platform. There are so many possibilities right now and its a very exciting time for us at Its Our Culture. For all updates, sneak peaks & discounts make sure you join our mailing list!

We are truly thankful for everyone of you that visit our platform and support what we’re doing. A community is only as strong as its members and we’re delighted to be home to such a diverse and talented offering of creatives. From us to you, thank you!

If you have any questions, want to collaborate or are a client that wants to work with us, get in touch at any time and we will help you in any way we can. 

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