It’s Our Culture is an online creative arts platform showcasing emerging and established artists from every discipline globally. Our aim is to connect creatives worldwide.

We have curated this community for you to join in, connect and share knowledge with artists from different backgrounds and skill sets. We do not focus on one niche as we believe that the knowledge given can be applied across all art forms. We saw a need for a strong platform that is not only a space to showcase artists within our own community but also to inform, inspire and communicate, as collaboration is the best vehicle for progression.

We want to showcase as many creatives as possible, to make sure our community have the means to work freely, independently and sustainably within the arts.

We offer an exclusive range of media to all our community members for all creatives to get involved; creative opportunities, promotion on our website and social media, exclusive partner deals, social media guidance, preset packs and a London based studio to record, shoot or create any content. We have a creative collective available to shoot, just contact us in the form above. 

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Meet the IOC Team

George Hodson 

George worked as a professional dancer for the best part of a decade, before evolving into other creative disciplines such as Photography and creative direction. He has always loved collaboration and believes it plays a huge role in creating great work. From this mindset he set out to create Its Our Culture at the start of lockdown with a vision for it to be a community full of great people and talented creatives. Fast forward 4 months and the platform has evolved into what it is now! Both George and Annie have put countless hours of work into the platform and they hope that they can continue to create an important community for the future.

Annie Watts 

Multi Disciplined Creative 

Annie is a creative that grew up in Oxfordshire. She’s trained in multiple disciplines within the arts for many years. Being a part of the creative community, she felt there was something lacking within that community so joined forces with Creative Director George Hodson. The aim was to create a space where artists of all disciplines can have their work showcased to create opportunity whilst being involved in a community.