At Its Our Culture, we owe a huge amount to black culture and feel the need to use our platform in any way that we can to further the cause. This is not politics but a crisis which has birthed a movement, which has already become the largest in history. This is not a time to be silent and will use our voice in anyway we can. Enough is enough.

This month we released our first merch which can be found here. Designed, styled and shot in house whilst in the constraints of lockdown, made out of high quality materials and manufactured in the U.K. At Its Our Culture we have a background in fashion photography and clothing lines so why not combine both projects?

We’re Doing It For A Good Cause

We have released a limited run until the end of July where all profits will be donated to the Stephen Lawrence Trust, a charity that we resonate with on many levels and has spent since 2004 supporting supporting this movement. The charity was founded in response to Stephen Lawrence, aged 18, being murdered in an  unprovoked racist attack. He did not know them and they did not know him. Following this five men were arrested but never charged and in 1998, a public inquiry about the handling of Stephen’s case was reported. This report has been called ‘one of the most important moments in the modern history of criminal justice in Britain’ and has led to a great deal of changes in cultural racism. The charity works with schools, the government, businesses and communities to ensure a fairer environment for young people to achieve their dreams no matter what their background is. They have also founded a bursary programme in which they support and fund students on their journeys in architecture, a career Stephen wanted to pursue, and have helped over 300 students onto this path. In audition to this they have recently opened a space for start ups, local communities and entrepreneurs to afford working or event space. 

As you can see this charity does a lot of valuable work so we at It’s Our Culture wanted to give back to our local community and donate all profits from the limited run to this charity. The support this movement has been given so far is monumental and we all agree it needs to continue. By supporting It’s Our Culture and our brand, your backing helps us to continue to move forward and do more for communities on both a local and global scale. You can find more resources in our earlier blog ‘Ways to support the BLM movement from your home’ for further reading.

Whats Next?

Its Our Culture are not stopping here and have started to work with local creatives to design a wider range for our brand. We believe in change at a grassroots level and and will continue to support as much as we can, we hope that you join our culture and we can build together. 


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